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Historic Scottish Gardens to Visit, by Region

This list provides suggestions for gardens of particular historic interest which are open to the public. There is also a nicely illustrated guide, produced by Scotland’s Gardens scheme annually, of private gardens which are open to the public for one or two days each year, some of which are also of historical note.
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Central Scotland

The area flanking the Forth-Clyde valleys are abundant in great old houses and castles, with gardens and estates which have changed and evolved over many centuries.

North East Scotland

One of the most challenging regions of the Scottish mainland for gardeners, taking most of its weather from the cold North Sea.

North West Scotland

The area from roughly Dunoon to Gairloch benefits from the warming Gulf Stream, allowing establishment and cultivation of some surprisingly exotic species.

Northern Scotland

The far North and the island of Orkney and Shetland are the toughest regions in the country in which to establish any sort of garden, yet surprising species thrive and enrich both gardens and landscape.

South West Scotland

Although frequently bleak and cold in Winter, the land here is much gentler than in the North, providing ideal conditions for sheltered gardens, benefitting from high rainfall and rich soil.

Scottish Borders

The scene of constant battle and incursion in the past, the Borders boast some of the finest fortified houses in Scotland, surrounded by gardens and estates enjoying fertile soil and abundant wildlife.

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